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June 2 nd , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Personal Coaching Starts This Week

I’ve had a few questions about the personal coaching I’m
offering. We’re going to begin sessions this week.

The first question: Will you take payments on the $1997?

Yes. You can split that into four monthly payments of $499.

The second question: What exactly will be covered in the

I suppose greater detail is warranted. The first step
will be to examine each person’s situation individually.
Some people will want to start a new web business from the
ground up. Some already have businesses online and need
help getting them to massive success. I’ll interview each
coaching client individually and determine the best course
of action for each person.

From there, we’ll go over keyword research and getting the
web business firmly on target for the most profitable
traffic from the most profitable sources. The most
important step of any web business is determining exactly
what this website is targeting! That is our first step.
I’ll show you my sources for free and accurate keyword

If we’re starting a new site, we’ll explore the entire
domain name market to find the best domain for you. We
most likely will be able to get a domain with hundreds
of existing backlinks for less than $100 (oftentimes for
just the $8 registration fee).

Next, we’ll determine our goals for conversion. Do we want
to build a list that we sell to later? Do we want visitors
to make a purchase on their first visit to the site? Each
individual niche has nuances that determine the best course
of action.

After we know the type of sales system (2-step, direct sale,
etc.), we’ll build the process. Each student will perform
the work themselves, but I’ll be there every step of the
way. We’ll set up autoresponders and email opt-in forms,
build sales pages, create products and promotional materials,
everything that your business needs.

Next we’ll cover copywriting and testing. I’ll install
Split Test Accelerator on your site and show you how to
run tests and evaluate changes. We’ll get your sales page
converting at top rates. This one install of STA will be
through my license; but each student will be able to buy
their own license at a discount if they want more installs
than just this one.

From there we’ll cover search engine traffic – both Pay Per Click
and Search Engine Optimization. PPC is great for getting
maximum testing done quickly. It also helps us determine
which keywords are most profitable for us, and thus tells
us which to target with SEO.

Next we’ll dive into link building and Web 2.0. We’ll explore
the most profitable scenarios for building high-quality
traffic to your site. Using YouTube videos, Digg, Stumble,
Technoriati… the whole gamut. We’ll also explore Press
Releases and determine if they will be profitable for your
particular business model.

I believe this coaching will be the most comprehensive training
that has ever been offered on building web businesses.

The reason I’ve timed this coaching session to take six
months is simply the fact that it will take six months to
go through this entire process and see full results. Truly
successful web businesses aren’t built in a day… or even
a week.

Last question for me to answer:

How many spots are left?

Answer: Two.

Email me at nathan at seoclub dot com to grab yours.

Nathan Anderson


May 24 th , 2008

Internet Marketing


Death of the Product Launch

I’ve known Rick Butts for a long time. We met online in late 2004 when he was selling his “Blog & Ping” videos. We met first in person in Zurich, Switzerland in January of 2005. I knew I’d met a friend for life.

Rick has an uncanny ability to look at a situation and find the “core” of it. He’s a fantastic Internet marketing consultant.

Never the guy to leave something “unspoken”, Rick has written a post on his blog that has caused a firestorm of discussion about the whole Product Launch phenomenon in the Internet marketing space.

Here’s a link to that post titled, “Unsubscribe from anyone emailing you Stompernet

I added my comments to that blog post, but I thought the topic deserved wider exploration here.

I’ve been in Internet marketing off and on since 1994; consistently since 2000. I’ve watched the advent of the Product Launch, and the resulting shockwaves in the industry. Although I’d made my mind up some time ago about the truth behind these launches, I haven’t made my opinion public… until now.

There’s simply no arguing that these coordinated product launches work. Buildup, excitement, anticipation, real or invented scarcity, fast action bonuses, and time limits all work together to force as many sales through the shopping cart as possible.

Affiliates that join in these launches also can see some dramatic income as a result of their participation. It’s an almost irresistible situation for a list owner – send a few coordinated emails and see a windfall. These list owners also have the possibility of their own product launches down the road, and want to “play along” so they are in good graces with other list owners for their launch.

I’ve experienced this situation first hand… my friends in this business ask me to promote their launches and either hint or outright state that they’ll support my launch as a result. I’ve even participated in a couple. But more often than not, I can’t bring myself to participate. Either I don’t see the intrinsic value of the product, or such evaluation is just impossible before launch. Many of these products are rushed to market and are problematic or buggy. But the launch schedule does NOT allow for delays to fix such problems.

Frequently, the marketer running the launch is unprepared for the challenges of handling such a huge volume of business all at once. In one case, I received my “evaluation copy” of a course a full month after launch. The fulfillment company didn’t have the ability to handle such a massive order all at once; especially when parts of the package were being delivered to them only days before the launch.

I experienced this reality myself back in 2004 with the launch of MetaWebs. It wasn’t a coordinated product launch… I just had a few friends all email on the “opening day”. We had 140 new members in the first 18 hours. $40,000 suddenly dropping into my paypal account resulted in an immediate shutdown of the account for review. I was doing my own fulfillment, so 140 orders of the welcome kit. 140 new users asking questions in the forum, opening support tickets, using the software (and discovering bugs), watching instructional videos; all before even 24 hours has passed.

The dedicated server MetaWebs was running on came to a grinding halt. So I have 140 orders to fulfill, an overloaded server, no available money, and 140 people expecting answers, emailing me…

We overcame those challenges with grace and style; moving videos to a separate server to free up bandwidth, borrowing money to finish fulfillment, and just spending huge amounts of time taking care of everyone. But I can’t possibly imagine the scale of the problems with 1000 new members!

For the participating affiliate list owner, there are some serious consequences for their actions in these launches. When a reader gets the same canned email from several different marketers on the same day, they lose a lot of respect for all of them. You can’t usually see this damage right away. Unsubscribe rates don’t show the full picture. The worst outcome is large segments of a list that simply delete or ignore any email from you. Even though you’re paying to email 50,000 addresses, you may only have 5,000 actual readers.

Combine that suspicious distrust with products that under-deliver, and you have a disaster for buyers. An unhappy buyer not only loses respect for the seller, but for the referring affiliate list owner as well. What do we end up with as a result?

A largely jaded marketplace.

List owners complain of apparent email deliverability problems, but it’s most likely just an unresponsive list.

What this all leads me to believe, from my “insider view”, is that a coordinated product launch is a very dangerous beast. It’s dangerous for the marketer running it, it’s dangerous for the list owners participating in it, and it’s dangerous for buyers.

Two critical elements of marketing are referrals and word of mouth. Coordinated product launches virtually eliminate these critical factors. Buyers have absolutely no opportunity to hear about a product from a satisfied user before the “doors are closed”. And if you think they have a chance to hear from someone that’s actually had a chance to PROFIT from the use of the product, you’re wrong. It’s a complete disservice to the customer.

I made the decision earlier this year to completely abandon the coordinated product launch. I have been promoting SEO Club slowly; one affiliate at a time. It’s painful for me, financially, but I really believe I’m delivering for the customer.

I would encourage other marketers to do the same.

Only promote products you have personal experience with. Only promote products that are well-tested. Only promote products that are marketed ethically; with the customer as the top consideration.

Tell your list that you’re doing this. They will appreciate it.

Nathan Anderson


March 21 st , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Finally, Write Your Book and Get Published – Guaranteed!

It’s time to write that book.

Did you know that 83% of entrepreneurs want to write a book?

You don’t have to wonder how many actually get around to it…

I’m writing this note to you to see if I can lead you down the easy path to getting this most important project done, and done quickly.

I’ve written two books about the Internet Marketing industry. You may have read either Art of the Content Site or SEO Tactics and that’s why you know me today…

Well those were simple, short books that wouldn’t stand up to the worldwide publishing industry’s standards. If I had shopped them around to all the various publishing houses, I would have had every door slammed in my face.

But they have done WONDERS for my business.

Imagine what will happen when my next book becomes a New York Times Bestseller…

That’s what WE ALL have at our fingertips, as entrepreneurs.

Imagine now, what YOUR book will do for your business when it is picked up by a huge New York City Publishing House.

That’s what is at your fingertips.

Not only that, but a system for getting the bulk of your book written in less than a day… I know, it’s nearly unbelievable.

But the marketplace is clamoring for books written by entrepreneurs these days. Especially those using the Internet!

So take a moment and check this program out. I’m doing it.

My bud Joel Comm went through it and ended up a New York Times Bestseller!

Nathan Anderson


March 11 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Interested in Email Marketing?

There’s a new service in town; and it’s more than just price-competitive. This email service has all kinds of great features as well.

So what is SpinnerMail?

It’s an email service similar to Constant Contact or Aweber. You import your customer or double opt-in list, and now you can easily send communications to your people. Use one of the templates provided for you, create or import your own, or just send as plain text!

There’s simply no less expensive way to stay in contact with your customers, clients and prospects. Send a weekly or monthly newsletter… blast out a promotion for your latest product or service… inform your readers of the latest in your industry. It’s a snap to use, and can lead to some serious improvement to your bottom line.

There’s a ton of new features slated for development as well, so sign up today and get started!

SpinnerMail Email Marketing Solutions



March 7 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Launch Time –

I’ll be announcing the launch of several new or renewed Web Businesses over the next week.

We’ve been crazy-busy over the last couple of months, getting these ready to go. I suppose it’s just in the way that I work that they are all ready at about the same time! ;)

The first is a successful Public Relations Services site. It has had some amazing results in its previous couple of years of service. Clients have been featured on the Today Show, in major media such as the Denver Post and the Los Angeles Times, and gotten hundreds of links from all over the web.

The name of the site is

It’s a very simple concept for visitors to the site to use. Simply purchase either a press release, or a press release with global distribution. You’ll then be either redirected to or emailed a simple questionnaire to fill out about your announcement or news. That’s it!

We take it completely from there; writing your Press Release to AP Stylebook standards and distributing it to over 80,000 different journalists and news outlets. Not only that, but we’re experts not only in PR Writing, but in sales copywriting as well, assuring that your press release will be formatted to bring direct results.

If you can use more attention for your business or up-front personality, there’s simply no more inexpensive source.

Give it a try!

Press Releases and Distribution –


January 25 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Great Domain Specials

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot on domains.

I buy other people’s domains and register lots of new ones.

So when there’s a good deal going on, I GRAB! has some sweet specials running. $1.99 .info’s, $7.49 .com’s, and a crazy deal on SSL Certificates – only $14.95 each. Did you know that an SSL certified domain ranks a little better in MSN than non? At this price, I’m slapping them on a whole mess of my performing sites.

There’s even more deals listed there… like free whois privacy protection when registering 5 domains at a time. Check it out for all the details:


January 12 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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You Want Widgetbucks

Doesn’t my Widgetbucks ad on the right look kewl?

I made it stick out on purpose.

That way everyone will be distracted by it and take a good look.

Although it does make money from people clicking on it, my real goal is to get you to think it’s kewl too, and grab one for yourself. If you click the link to get it for yourself, I get a little payola. And the readers of this blog are typically Internet marketers… so that’s not unlikely to happen.

It’s neat-looking, it moves, it can be contextually-based or you choose what shows, and it makes good cash. It’s not quite the financial performer that Adsense is, but it’s close. And you can put it on a page that already has Adsense on it! So you make more on top of your Google cash.

So grab yours today and put it on every page of every website you own.

I made mine show laptops, because I’m always shopping for my next one. I break mine on a regular basis. I need to see what’s hot!

Talk soon… Comment while I’m gone.

Nathan Anderson


December 31 st , 2007

Internet Marketing

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Do You Really Want Predictions for 2008?

I notice that there’s a flurry of “2008 Predictions” going on around the Internet Marketing space.

Do you really like reading those?

Well, in case you do, I’ll slap the ones that I’m sure of. This isn’t any kind of mystical guru-esque raving… it’s things I flat out KNOW will happen this year.

1. 95% of people attempting to “make it” online… won’t.

Now before you go telling me I’m a pessimist or negative or anything like that; I’m simply stating something that has 100% historical data behind it. And it’s not just the history of the Internet, it’s the history of human endeavor. The simple fact remains, most people aren’t willing to put in the effort it takes to succeed, don’t believe they can, and therefore don’t.

This is an overwhelmingly POSITIVE fact!

Stated in the positive; If you put in the effort it takes to succeed and believe you can, YOU WILL!

That’s it for my predictions.

You don’t need more predictions. You need to TAKE ACTION on what you already know. Use what you already have. Put words on the Web in a place YOU control (not some stupid social networking site). Link to them (here’s where you can use the social networking sites). Monetize the pages. Repeat.

Get back to me when you’ve done that 100 times.

Oh, and I’ve never asked before, but feel free to comment. I like comments. I like links too. Link to this blog and I’ll come check out your stuff.

See you in 2008!

Nathan Anderson


June 13 th , 2007

Internet Marketing

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Off to Orlando, and The Next Internet Millionaire!

I’m off to Orlando to speak at Michael Penland’s seminar there… Should be a real dynamo.

I wanted to mention something before I left.

I have a local friend that, without talking to me about it, entered Joel Comm’s Next Internet Millionaire contest! She’s made the cut to the final 50, and produced a new video for the occasion.

Would you help me, help her?

She doesn’t know I’m doing this… in fact, I’m tempted to send out this request to my newsletter lists! But in any case, she’s a fantastic gal that would be great for the show. Click the following link and VOTE “10″!!!! 

She deserves this opportunity… and we can help!

Nathan Anderson


May 14 th , 2007

Internet Marketing

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No More Annoying Weekends

Happy Monday everyone!

What? You don’t care for Mondays? I sure do…

Fact is, weekends are annoying to me. Lots of stuff is closed,
and there are crowds everywhere. Mondays are when all the people
with jobs have to go back to work and get out of my way! ;)

Seriously though, I really love my work and taking Sunday off is
difficult sometimes! So Monday means all the ideas that came to
me Sunday are ready for the picking.

I was relaxing a bit yesterday, staring at my saltwater aquarium.
It’s a great stress reliever. Seeing the happy little fish in
the tank, swimming in and out of the caves and coral. Crabs
scuttling around…

And it occured to me. These little creatures have lived in a reef
tank their entire lives (I don’t buy wild-captured animals). They
really have no idea that their natural place is in this huge

We are very much in the same situation when it comes to work.

Until I took the splash and dove into entrepreneurialism, I really
had no idea what that ocean was like. The opportunities in the
world of Internet Marketing, and just being in business for your-
self are stunning. This world is VAST.

Yes, life back in the fishtank is pretty safe. There aren’t any
sharks in that aquarium. But those fish live completely at my
whim. I can forget to feed them, or mess up the water chemistry,
and they all die.

Same is true with the company you work for. They could pull an
Enron, or fail in their marketplace, or just downsize you.

I obviously prefer to keep an eye out for predators in the big,
wide ocean. After all, this fish isn’t limited to being a little
reef cleaner, I’ve grown into a dolphin.

Is this life for you?

Some people are genuinely better suited for the fishtank of a
traditional “job”. Life in the big ocean can have some pretty
scary moments. But it also has some amazing breakthroughs.

If you’re determined to make your way to the ocean, know that you
have some hard work ahead.

If you take the route I did, you’ll be working full-time in a
traditional job at the same time as working full-time at your home
business. Long, long hours and not a whole lot of sleep.

But it was SO worth it!

There are a lot more aids in Internet Marketing these days; in
comparison to when I started (1999). But there are a whole lot
more pitfalls as well. And most “gurus” aren’t going to show you
the entire path for free. They make a living from helping you.

An unbiased source of information is long overdue.

A source that includes information from a wide variety of experts
in the different fields within Internet Marketing. Information
that isn’t laced with an advertising message.

I’ve asked around for years about an industry magazine for the
Internet Marketing world. None of the “gurus” have ever raised a
hand to take on the task. After all, it’s just too easy to make
money online, rather than hassling with a print publication. Plus,
a print magazine carries a pretty hefty risk.

So I finally decided to team up with another marketer and make it

The first issue of Online Marketing Monthly will hit home mailboxes
by July 1st.

I want you to have the first two issues for free.

Just go to and sign
up for your two free issues… no strings. Yes, I will probably be
inviting you to get a paid subscription after you’ve seen the
magazine, but that’s the only motive behind the freebies. And it
will be cheap. $47 for a 12-issue year.

But I’d also like to ask a favor of you in return. We’re only
going to print 10,000 copies of the first issue. I want them to
get into the hands of the people that need it most.

Would you mind passing this info along on your blog, newsletter,
or email list? You can earn an affiliate commission in the process.

Click the above link to go to the affiliate signup area. You can
give away two free issues to your friends and associates, help
the magazine, and help your income all at the same time. They will
love you for it.

And if you’d like to advertise, check out:

To your success!

Nathan Anderson