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April 29 th , 2009


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Unseminar 6 Here I Come!

Remember the Alamo!

I’m headed to Texas, and I’d love to meet you there in person.

I’ve got some good friends down there, and we’re getting
together to hang out and share our best info for a few days.

It’s not a normal seminar. It’s an UnSeminar.

We tend to enjoy cigars, libations, and guitars on the deck
every night. Everyone has plenty of time to talk.

Joining me will be Dr. Joe Vitale (of The Secret), Bill
Hibbler, Craig Perrine, the host of the show Pat O’Bryan,
Eric Farewell, Simon Leung, Tony Laidig, Erica Douglass,
and Wendi Friesen.

All good peeps that I respect and am anxious to spend some
quality time talking amongst.

It’s May 22-24 in San Antonio (of Alamo and Riverwalk fame).

Here’s details: Unseminar 6

Sign up and show up. I’ll give you a special gift upon your
arrival. (A real gift, not some e-something).

Can’t wait to see you!



November 5 th , 2008



Great Presidents Are Great Speakers

Twenty-one months ago, I predicted right here on this blog that Barack Obama would be the first black President of the United States. Fact is, I predicted it after seeing him speak at the 2004 DNC… ;)

I’ve fielded a whole mess of questions about how I, as a Libertarian, could possibly support a Liberal.

Looking at what the President is, and can do, is really where I make such a decision. The President has the power to DO a lot of things… like command our military to do just about anything. He has the power to stop Congress through veto. He can propose a national budget. But if you look at this list, you can see that he has the power to do a lot of very NEGATIVE things. So this office is very vulnerable to abuse.

When it comes to the POSITIVE things a president can do, it really comes down to one thing: motivate and lead the people through the power of speech.

So when considering a candidate for president, you can base your decision on the negative, or the positive. I, for one, choose not to make any decisions based on fear. So I feel that I have to make my decision based on the positive. I need to make a decision in the hope that the person that holds the office can use it for good. And since that power for good is largely based on that person’s power to motivate and lead through the power of the spoken word… there really is only one option.

Did John F. Kennedy propose sweeping legislation that changed this country? Of course not. The President doesn’t have that power. He stood and LEAD this country… he motivated this country to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade; and the country responded with unprecedented fervor toward the task. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” is remembered over 40 years after the words were spoken. Those words are forever etched in the minds of those that truly heard them.

It is obvious looking back over the last 8 years that this country desperately needed this sort of leadership. If you completely remove the actions and decisions this president made and consider only his leadership through the spoken word, the results are stunning. Had he been able to truly lead in this way, we might have seen a completely different country… a different world, even. We may have seen a country that was 100% behind the actions he took instead of 30%. A more confident stock market and banking system. A stronger Dollar.

People foolishly dismiss the importance of this aspect of the Presidency. He is the leader of the Free World. His most important attribute to this end is his command of the spoken word.

Barack Obama is positioned to be the most potent motivator for good in this generation. Whether you agree with his politics or not, you cannot argue that he has this potential. THAT is why I supported him in this election.

We’ve seen the results of a president with the lack of this ability… Let’s focus on the good that can come from a president that has this ability in such amazing quantity.


September 23 rd , 2008


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Join me in Atlanta for the Internet Success System

Mark Hendricks graciously invited me to be the VIP Guest Speaker at his next ISS Seminar in Atlanta.

You should attend!

It’s October 23-26.

If you aren’t already familiar with Mark, he’s been making money online since the days when the Internet was a series of Pony Express riders. His seminars are VERY different than your usual IM gig. The entire weekend is training and education, with no pitches for any external systems or products.

He holds workshops and group sessions… it’s not your average pitchfest.

One of the best features is the education leading up to the event. You’ll be well under way long before you show up in Atlanta.

In any case, show up there so we can share a cigar and perhaps a meal. I’d love to meet you in person and get to know you a little better!

Here’s the link:

Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success Seminar



December 7 th , 2007


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Back from Singapore

Last week I was in Singapore speaking at Fabian Lim’s Asia Internet Congress. It was a 30-hour journey to get there, and a 28-hour journey to get home.

Boy, I have never had jetlag like this before! The three days since being home, I’ve been falling asleep all day, even though I’m getting a good night’s sleep. Very strange for me.

The event was really great; and it was good to spend time with my business partner Sean Roach over there. He’s got to be one of the most amazing speakers on the planet. Not only is he entertaining and informative, but I’ve never seen anyone inspire people to take real ACTION like Sean. The crowd at this seminar was very quiet and reserved – as I’ve been told to expect in Asia. But he had everyone cheering, chanting, and jumping out of their seats by the end of his presentation. Just amazing!

I spoke the next day, and in order to bribe the crowd into taking action for me, I had to pay $687 out of my own pocket for every new member of Rip2it that day. That little comment cost me a cool $7,557.oo! I’ve really got to study Sean more… ;)

In any case, I’m back in my home office; overlooking the frozen creek and the woods capped with snow. I’m already missing the permanent summer of Singapore! I missed my wife and 4 terribly while gone those eight days, but I certainly didn’t miss my down jacket. I must admit, though, it sure seems strange to see Christmas lights on a palm tree!


November 8 th , 2007


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Headed to Unseminar 4

I’m outie tomorrow to go to Austin. This is one of my favorite stops of the year – very small and with some of my favorite people. The list includes Pat O’Bryan, Bill Hibbler, Craig Perrine, and Joe Vitale. It’s a little late to be jumping in now, seeing as how it starts tomorrow, but there may be a spot via a cancellation or something if you’re in the Austin area.

There’s no better way to get “face time” with one of the speakers than at one of these very small seminars. There’s always time on the “cigar deck” to get questions answered or ideas bounced around. Simple business ideas, executed properly with consultation from those that have done it successfully many times, can result in some pretty ridiculous income!

Two weeks later, I’m off to Singapore! I’ll post that link in my next entry.


October 2 nd , 2007


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Speaking on SEO and Content Site Publishing

Back from Portland and wiped out! Getting caught up and getting ready to fly to the UK in two days.

Here’s a link to that event: Internet Marketing Seminar in UK

Then a weekend off…

Then the next weekend I’m speaking at JV Alert Live! in Long Beach.


September 14 th , 2007


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Let the Speaking Season Begin!

Looks like I have a full schedule for the next few months when it comes to speaking. I used to limit myself to one speaking gig a month, to limit my time away from the fam. I’ve loosened that slightly… to twice a month. After all, the three older of my offspring are in school, and don’t need constant attention.

I’m on my way to speak at the World Internet Main Event – a combination of the World Internet Summit and The Internet Marketing Main Event. The two seminars combined this one event to deliver more punch and put a bigger audience in the room… and boy howdy, have they ever! They limited the audience to 600 attendees, and sold that out weeks ago.

I have THREE points of presence at this event. A table set up for Online Marketing Monthly, a breakout session on SEO Saturday, and the finale speaking spot to the general assembly on Sunday; featuring

Looking forward to seeing a bunch of my old IM friends at this one, and finally meeting some new ones face-to-face.

Upcoming engagements:

Sept 30 in Portland (private event)

October 6th in Coventry, UK

October 20 in Long Beach, CA

I’ll post links to upcoming events soon…

Nathan Anderson 


June 6 th , 2007


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My Little Insane Life!

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Not that I haven’t had important stuff to talk about…

I’ve been insanely busy.

And I’ve still got to get over this whole attitude of “needing a reason to write a post”. No one else seems to be hindered by it… ;)

Actually, I’ve had LOTS of reasons to say something. I’ve just not had the time. LOTS of stuff going on in the three primary businesses I’m involved in.

First, the magazine is going absolutely gangbusters! All kinds of people are offering to get involved on all sorts of levels… and we’ve actually taken a few pros up on their offers. We now have a Director of Sales, Copy Editor, Webmaster, and a whole legion of top-level writers! All from putting that intention out in the world, and committing to make it happen – no matter what.

People that have been around me for a while know that once I set my mind to doing something… well… it just has to happen!

The launch of Rip2it is also taking a huge amount of my time and attention.

We’re set for early July… shhhh… don’t tell anyone!

Thirdly, my little “hobby” business,, has some really fantastic new data and member benefits… But I can’t talk about them… because they would lose value if folks knew about them!

One interesting revelation with the latest data set in SEO Club is that (MSN) quite clearly manipulates their search results to favor their own network of sites… Big surprise there! All you have to do to confirm this premise is to search something in MSN and look at the results… and you’ll usually find something from or in the top 10. Are we supposed to believe that’s natural? :P

Oh, while I’m babbling on… I’m speaking at another seminar in Orlando next weekend. If you’d like to go, I have a link that was meant only for my MetaWebs members… but I feel like throwing it out there to anyone that would like to show up and clap for me!

You can get into the event for a lousy $97.

Yah, I know… I’m not supposed ot make the link public. After all, some people have paid two grand to go to this thing! If you’re one of those folks, I’m sorry. You CERTAINLY will get your money’s worth! But I feel like letting in anyone that cares to make the trip…

Here’s that link: Michael Penland’s Orlando Event

The array of speakers is absolutely STUNNING. I’ll be watching as many as I can…

Nathan Anderson


April 11 th , 2007


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Going to Big Seminar 9

Too late to get me on stage, but I have to be in Atlanta at the exact right time… so…

I’m going to Big Seminar!

Will be great to just hang out and network for once. No pressure with a stage presentation. I know of four other marketers that usually occupy the stage that are just going to hang out at this one, so it should be pretty fun. Scotch and Cigars it shall be.

If you’d like to go, and spend some one-on-one time with me, I’ll make this special offer. Grab your ticket through the following link, and I’ll buy you dinner one night and give you 100% of the information I can provide during that dinner. If there are several people that take me up on this offer, we’ll all go to dinner together. But I’ll give each person one hour of my time at some point during the weekend. I no longer take consulting clients, but when I last did, I charged $2,500 an hour. So this is (IMHO) a bargain!

Dates are April 27-29, 2007 in Atlanta.

Link to sign up:

Nathan Anderson


March 18 th , 2007


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Great Event!

Had a great time speaking at the Focus Seminar in Dallas. They did a live streaming webcast… So thousands of people watched some or all of the seminar speakers from the comfort of their home. It was a VERY interesting setup. I sat and watched the tech boys run the feed, much like a little TV broadcast studio. Just one box where all the wires went in, and a whole control panel on a computer. Think I’ll have to do this myself one day!

Got to see some good friends at the event: Craig Perrine was speaking, so Bill Hibbler decided to ride along from Austin to Dallas to visit. They’re two of my favorite Internet Marketing personalities. Any chance we get to hang out, we take it. Last night they introduced me to the flavor of the Double Maduro cigar. Very nice.

I also got to see my very good friend Donna Fox, of “From Credit Repair to Credit Millionaire” fame. She’s a real hoot, and a very very bright marketer to boot.

Good also to see Gary Ambrose, Marc Harty, Ken McArthur,  Keith Wellman… and it was nice to finally meet Tellman Knudson, Harris Fellman, and Robert Puddy.

If you’re at all into marketing on the Internet, you really must get to one of these events. All kinds of deals are ripe for the making, with other attendees and very occasionally; with one of the speakers.

Well, it looks like they’re opening my gate here at DFW. I’ll be back in Colorado in a couple of hours… glad to get back to the wife and 4!

Nathan Anderson