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March 5 th , 2007


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Speaking in Dallas March 17

I’ve been asked to talk at the Focus4 Internet Marketing event in Dallas the weekend of March 16-18, 2007. This looks to be a great opportunity for Internet Marketing up-and-comers to get some fantastic insider info without paying through the nose.

The regular attendance price is $797, but they had an early-bird special for $497 (which is now expired). I’ve been allowed to give my readers a discount even beyond that early-bird special… an extra $100 off! If you’d like to meet me in person, use the following link to get a ticket for half price:

That page shows the $497 price… enter the code  F4002 in the box under the purchase button, and an additional $100 will be knocked off at the shopping cart.

There’s a bunch of very good names speaking at the event, and the schedule isn’t overcrowded like a lot of events these days. You’ll get some really great intensive time with each speaker, as well as several hotseat sessions where you can ask questions.


February 19 th , 2007


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Stompernet Live! and Unseminar3

Just finished a whirlwind trip to two seminars in one weekend.

I spoke at Stompernet Live in Orlando on Friday. There were about 600 people in the audience, as about 200 weren’t able to get to the event due to all the airline problems on the East Coast thursday and friday.

It was a very receptive crowd. Most of the attendees knew quite a bit about SEO, so I was able to share some pretty advanced data. We announced the launch of There was a lot of excitement about it.

For the attendees, this must be an exciting event. There were a lot of “names” on the stage. No one was allowed to pitch from stage, so there wasn’t a lot of wasted time. Lots of education for the crowd.

For the speakers, it was a little more difficult. In order to make up for the lack of pitching from stage, there is a “trade show” in the lobby area outside the conference room. Every speaker has a table. The trade show took place both nights from 6 to 8 or 9. Again, great opportunity for attendees to wander around and ask detailed questions of all the speakers and their companies. But it was really hard on my voice. After all, 600 people all talking in one area makes for a LOT of noise, so you’re almost shouting for several hours. I suspect this model will need to be modified as time goes by to be a little less taxing on the speakers. But I really appreciate the idea behind the model.

Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins are great guys. They really tried to make things work for us, and everyone else. I believe we returned the favor with some very unique content and a good presentation. I’d like to be invited back, as these are my type of people! It’s not often you see this many people who appreciate SEO in the same place. SES is probably the only comparison.


After spending Saturday manning the booth and hanging out with lots of great folks at the hotel lounge well into the night, I went straight to the airport to hop an early plane to Austin. I got to the airport at 4am and boarded the plane at 6. Caught a nap at the gate. Slept for a couple hours on the plane. Then went straight to Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminar3.

He had me on the schedule for 11am… though my schedule said 2pm. I arrived at Vintage Villas at 10:59am. So Joe Vitale swapped speaking slots with me. I got cleaned up and had a great time watching Joe, having lunch, and then watching the premier of his latest short movie.

I spoke at around 2pm. There were 40 people in the audience – a complete difference with Stompernet. This was billed as a very small, one-on-one opportunity seminar. I think I gave an even better talk than at Stomper. I was really able to interact with the crowd, ask them questions to see if they were understanding me, and deliver at the exact level they could fully understand the topic.

Pat has a great model, for both attendee and speaker. Very laid back and relaxed, only a few speakers with fairly flexible schedule. The attendees get the opportunity to really interact with all the speakers. I’ll be accepting invitations to speak at his stuff again in the future, for sure. It’s not the most profitable seminar to speak at – after all there’s only 40 opportunities to buy from you – but they’re quality people. I was afforded the opportunity to do a quick pitch for from stage, and the percentage of people that decided to take the offer shows that fact.

I’m in the airport in Houston at the moment. Should be back in Southern Colorado shortly…

Nathan Anderson