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May 30 th , 2008



New Contest – Who’s Your Friend?

As you may or may not know, I’ve been doing a little networking on Facebook lately. Part of that process is finding my friends and adding them. I only add people I really know, by the way. But anyone that asks to be my friend is added.

With one exception…

My brother started a little contest amongst some friends here locally. To see who could find the coolest famous persons on Facebook and get them to approve a friend request. The more unique or funny, the better. For example, I now have William Shatner and Harcourt Fenton Mudd; and also Cal Ripken Jr and Deepak Chopra.

So I’m opening up the contest to readers of my blog.

Get someone really unique, but still famous; and comment here on this post with your conquests!

There’s two categories: 1) The Real Deal and 2) Fakers. Both are valid; in fact there are some pretty funny fakers out there (I have Master Chief from Halo).

Don’t bother trying for Chuck Norris, either. He’s not on Facebook. :(

Let’s have fun!

Nathan Anderson


March 17 th , 2008


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Prioritizing 101

This post is for me.

Sometimes you need to remind yourself by telling others.

A common quote is “you never really know something until you TEACH it.”

Some say “speak it into existence”.

For me, it’s accountability from cyberspace. If I tell my blog I’m going to do something, then by-golly, I’d better be doing it.

The #1 concept that will land you firmly in the “success” circle is prioritizing.

Every business book talks about it. They call it different things. They use different ways to describe it. They use different techniques to apply it. But it’s really an extremely simple concept.

Write everything down on a list that needs to be done. Not just major things. Every little action and task.

Now go through and mark the things that are the most important in the LONG RUN. Steven Covey would refer to these things as non-urgent but important tasks. Mark the things that will make the most impact to your bottom line next year; not tomorrow.

Now do those things before touching anything else on the list.

When you’re done with those things, go back and re-write the whole list, trying hard to get absolutely everything out of your head and on to that paper.

Mark the most important things for your long-term success.

Do those things first.


I’ve just summarized about 20 books on success and organization. You’re welcome!

Now if you’ll excuse me… I have a list to prioritize. And I don’t think posting to my blog is going to make the cut… ;)


March 4 th , 2008


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Have You Ever Done Something So Stupid… And It’s Like Slow Motion…

Have you ever done something really stupid, and as you’re in the middle of the irrevocable action, you realize that you’re making a huge mistake? It’s like life runs in slow motion from that point forward until the inevitable disastrous conclusion!

That just happened to me.

My daughter picked up a typewriter at a garage sale a few years ago. A nasty old manual one… not the REALLY old kind that are interesting, but one from the seventies that barely worked in the first place. She did some spring cleaning yesterday and threw the thing in the kitchen garbage can.

Well, I saw it in that most inappropriate location, and decided to take decisive action. I keep my pickup just beneath the back deck, so I opened the back door and heaved the thing out into the bed of the pickup.

Or so that was the plan!

The slow motion started as my hand was releasing it…

I thought, “oh, this is a really bad idea.”

The junk typewriter hung in the air for minutes, it seemed.

Then on the way down, it nicked the railing of the deck; drastically altering it’s trajectory.

As it struck the back window of my pickup, time returned to normal speed. The window exploded like it was just waiting, under extreme tension, for something to set it off.

I wonder if that’s a harbinger for my day?

I don’t think so. I think it’s just God giving me a wakeup call (and perhaps getting a giggle at the same time).

I’ve learned a similar lesson recently.

If you put something into motion in your online business, and find yourself saying “oh, that was a bad idea”, don’t be afraid to immediately take action to cut that motion off. If I were quick enough to jump out and grab that typewriter in the air, I would have done it.

I took an action a couple of years ago in my business that was pretty drastic. I found myself saying shortly thereafter that same statement. But I didn’t heed my own instinct. What ensued was a year of fairly rough seas, and then a year of absolute hell. And it all came from one single bad choice.

Don’t be afraid to “take it back”, if your soul tells you to.

My 2¢ for today.

Nathan Anderson


February 19 th , 2008


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A Simpler Life

Forgive me for the liberal use of “I” and “Me” in this personal post. Just wanting to update you on some major and exciting changes in my way of doing business.

When I first got into Internet Marketing back in 1999, I was on a quest for freedom. I loved the Internet, and loved the prospects it offered for more freedom in my life.

I got more than I bargained for!

The rollercoaster ride that ensued was exciting and eventful, crazy and stressful, adventurous and fun.

But it wasn’t what I had set out in search of.

When I was first building my online business, I worked 100 hour weeks in search of a future that would have less stress and more freedom. I had an idyllic image of what my life could eventually be… total time freedom and the opportunity to spend more time with my family and on my mountain ranch.

That was eight years ago.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the allure of “The Big Time”.

I was thrust – and thrust myself – into a life of the jet-set and corporate drive. I traveled all over the world and put my effort into building a company that would be worth 8 or 9 figures in just a few years.

The disconnect between my original goals and the goals I eventually took on finally caught up with me. I was living “The Big Time”, and my soul just didn’t like it.

So this cold winter I’ve gone through some massive changes.

One of those changes has led me to leave the company that I started. The course it was on was not of my choosing, and it was eating me up inside.

So let this be my formal announcement that I am no longer with MetaWebs LLC, Rip 2 It, LLC or Rip 2 It, Inc. Those companies also own or control the assets of Online Marketing Monthly and Online Marketing Magazine.

What this has opened the doors toward is remarkable.

I’ve been able to “start over”, and take on some projects that I’ve always wanted to tackle. You’ll be hearing more about these projects in the next few months. They’re all really fun, really new, and will make a big difference in the lives of everyone involved.

My new endeavors are also all geared to allow my family and I to get back to a simpler life – the life I really set out to attain in the first place.

What does this mean to you?

If you decide to join me in any of my new projects, you’ll have the opportunity to see how a simpler life can be led – without sacrificing any of the excitement and freedom that you CHOOSE to include in your endeavors.

It means making choices that lead to financial freedom without the accompanying stress that the world wants to include.

We’re going to have some serious FUN too!

Although you won’t see me on the speaker list at every Internet Marketing seminar around, I’ll still be available. I will be hosting a few events, too. Look for some smaller, workshop-style events as well.

I’ve been networking with my friends in this business a lot lately, finding the very best of programs, softwares, and products that can be used to build a recurring income stream. Tools to build a business that needs no babysitting.

There is some AWESOME stuff out there!

I’m also taking some of my own personal tools, tools that I’ve never shown to the world, and making them able to be used by anyone.

Living the “Internet Lifestyle” is my theme for 2008. I encourage you to take on the same. If you happen to catch a pic of me in pajama pants and fluffy slippers – don’t be alarmed – that’s my new “business casual”! ;)

Nathan Anderson


December 22 nd , 2007


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I just registered as a Republican!

I never thought the day would come… that I would throw my name in the kitty with the Republican party. But I had to! My candidate is running as a republican.

I’ve tried to stay clear of politics in my professional life. But if we don’t stand up and be counted, our freedom is doomed, our dollar is doomed, our Constitution is doomed.

I love the Internet because it is modern-day FREEDOM. We need to protect it like our own children’s lives.


February 28 th , 2007


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Yes, Time makes a difference in SEO (big surprise)

Registration Year Graph

Interesting little graph, eh?

It represents my statistical data from one search engine factor.

I thought it would be a good example of what this SEO data can show – or not show!

You see, the numbers up until three years ago are pretty much flatline. Having a domain registered in 1996 compared to 2002 doesn’t really seem to make a difference. But there’s a dramatic drop in rankings with domains registered after 2003.

Does this mean that we can be certain that Google distrusts recently-registered domains?


But it certainly is possible.

You have to take this kind of data IN context. What other ranking factors could possibly be causing this?

I would guess two things:

1. Google relies VERY heavily on the weight given by links in their algorithm. So newer sites haven’t had a chance to collect many incoming links. At the very least, this fact helps add weight to the reality.

2. Google really doesn’t trust newer domains. I would guess this is in part, reality. After all, if these numbers were being thrown like this due solely to backlinks, the curve would go all the way back to 1995, right? Not just dramatically back three years.


If you can pick up an older domain…. older than 2003… that might be a good thing. It would especially be a good thing if that domain hadn’t expired, hadn’t changed ownership (at least according to WHOIS records), had a nice quantity of existing backlinks, and hadn’t had a complete change of content in the last three years. If you have such a domain available for sale, make sure to tell me… ;)

Nathan Anderson


February 12 th , 2007


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Barack Obama

Those that know me will remember that after seeing the 2004 Democratic convention speech, I stated “That’s the first black president of the United States.”

Last year, after seeing a speech he gave in a church, I predicted that he’d be running for President in 2008.

Just wanted to point out that I was right on the second point! We’ll see about the first. Sure, he could use some more years “simmering” in the Senate for the sake of experience. But I fear that will only tone down his idealism… which is one of his greatest fueling assets at the moment.

Now, I’m no Democrat. Some of his views are not agreeable to me at all. But his overarching message is very, very clearly needed by this government. Sweeping change is obviously necessary, for the survival of this Nation. He may very well be the “Paul Revere” ushering in that change.

For those that have viewed his announcement speech: Interesting, that he makes so many analogies between himself and Lincoln. Yes, Lincoln was a great president. But the analogies aren’t really appropriate… after all, Lincoln lost every election he ran in previous to winning the Presidency. Barack is a landslider…

I’d love to hear some comments… especially from some fellow Libertarians.