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March 2 nd , 2009

Internet Marketing


Tips on Shopping for a Dedicated Server

I’m yet again shopping for a dedicated server. This one will house the membership area of

I’ve gone through this process so many times… it’s almost an art.

I thought perhaps I might share my experiences, as going through this for the first time can be quite a pain. Perhaps I can help you get one yourself with less pain than normally accompanys this process.

There are many, many options when it comes to getting your own dedicated server on the Web. The pricing structure is all over the map. You can find offers of dedicated servers for as little as $20 a month in some places. My first advice is to NOT shop solely on price.

I’ve gotten some really bad dedicated servers before. Not only that, but gotten servers in a hosting location that had traffic bottlenecks so bad that my sites appeared to be down for hours at a time, as anyone trying to load a page would exceed the timeout before getting served. These situations can be so bad that it’s more expensive to HAVE these servers than to not!

So avoid servers hosted with companies you’ve never heard of before, at crazy-low prices. You really do get what you pay for to a certain extent.

There are two ways to host a server on the Internet. You can either rent one, or buy one and have a company host it for you for a fee. Both types of dedicated servers have benefits and detriments.

If you rent a server, you are really “marrying” the host for an extended time. Moving from one host to another is one ginormous pain in the rear, so most people just stay with their host forever. It’s a long-term relationship, and you should consider that before buying.

The detriment is that you have to pay a pretty substantial rental fee every month from here on out. A relatively modern, feature-rich server is going to start at about $150 a month. Most of the servers I get are more in the range of $300 a month. Really beefy servers with lots of support services included start in the $500 per month range.

The benefits of renting a server are numerous. You have instant help if you ever have hardware problems. If the NIC card is starting to go out, the host will whip a new one into the machine immediately and at no charge to you. Most hosts guarantee either 99.9% or even 100% uptime. This means they guarantee your server to be up and running and online to the Internet at all times, or they start refunding fees. Also, if you ever decide to add more features, like another hard drive or more memory, it’s just a phonecall (and an addition to your monthly rental fee) away.

Buying your own dedicated server has real financial advantages. Right now, you can buy a pretty nice rackmount server for about $2,000. If you consider that you’ll be using this machine for years, the comparison to the monthly payment is pretty nice. This is particularly advantageous when you start to need a beefier machine.

For example, if you want to upgrade a rented server from 1GB RAM to 4GB RAM, you could easily tack another $50 per month on to your rental. Buying that much RAM for your owned server will cost you about $100 total. That’s a big difference.

The only ongoing fee you have to consider for your owned dedicated server is the cost of colocation. That’s what a hosting company is going to charge you monthly to house your server in their datacenter. This fee can be as little as $20 a month, but usually ends up more in the $50 to $100 per month range. They also guage this fee according to how much “bandwidth” your server uses for its connection to the Internet. If you’re running huge amounts of traffic to the server, plan on paying more.

The detriments of owning your own dedicated server are more numerous than with renting. You have to ship your server to the hosting company and make sure it is compatible with their racks. If you have a hardware problem, you have the issues of warranty servicing and gaining access to the server by a technician. The same problems occur with wanting to make upgrades. Also, you may have to pay some pretty hefty fees for operating systems, database software and licenses, and other software to be housed on your server. You don’t have access to the discounts that these big hosting companies have.

Here’s a few tips:

If you’re just to the point where you need a dedicated server, go ahead and rent. But rent from a good company with 24/7 telephone technical support. If you have problems, you need to talk to a human, and not one in some foreign country that isn’t 100% fluent in your language. You need to talk to someone that is in the same building as your server. My recommendation is the company where I host 3 of my servers: LiquidWeb. LiquidWeb can also colocate your owned server.

When shopping for dedicated servers to rent, try to find a pre-configured package that meets your needs rather than selecting a base model and customizing it by adding all sorts of things. Each time you add a feature, you add to the monthly price, and they can add up quickly. The pre-configured packages are usually a better value.

If you need more than just a basic, pre-configured package, contact a sales person. Most hosting companies have a “live chat” feature where you can talk to a representative. Ask them to quote you a specific price on a set of features, and tell them that you’re shopping around so give the best price they can.

When buying a server, consider buying used or refurbished IF the company you get it from includes a warranty. I found a great server on ebay today that was perfect for what I needed for $1,200, and it came with a 3 year warranty. A new one of the same configuration was $2,600.

When buying colocation, make sure you specify the speed of connection to the internet. A 10Mbit connection is fine for low-traffic situations, but if you run a service that demands big traffic at times, get at least 100Mbit.

If you have other questions about this process, feel free to comment and I’ll do my best to answer.


January 30 th , 2009



25 Random Things About Nathan Anderson

There’s a fad going around Facebook… (shocking, isn’t it?) of tagging friends and asking them to post 25 random things about themselves in the notes area of their account.

Donna Fox tagged me.

Thought I’d post them here on my blog:

I like random. I like stream of consciousness. So here goes:

1. I don’t like crowds. Unless the whole point is to be a crowd. Like the “Mall Crawl” in Boulder from eons ago… 30,000 people in just a few blocks. I liked that. Otherwise, count me out. I live in the middle of nowhere for a reason.

2. I have an excellent sense of direction. Go for a walk with me, and I can always point directly back to where we came from. Only been lost once… and it was a doosey!

3. My thumbs are double-jointed. The top joint swings fully both directions. All four of my kids inherited the trait.

4. My favorite food is Sushi. Don’t know why… just seems like there’s something in there that I totally need. Sad I can’t eat it too often because Dr. Mercola thinks there’s too much Mercury in most fish.

5. I shoulda been Tony Stark. All my life I’ve daydreamed by designing weapons and propulsion systems. Sometimes I design some really amazingly cool stuff. But I could never live with myself if I went that direction.

6. I don’t know why I love raising chickens so much all of a sudden… It’s just so stinking cool. You put in water and feed, and out pops eggs. It’s like magic.

7. The first person I followed in IM was Corey Rudl, but the first product I bought was from Frank Kern over a year later. (ain’t I CHEAP?) Instant Internet Empires taught me that anyone can do this stuff. ;)

8. Sometimes I’m cheap, and others I’m quite the opposite. I once bought an $800 bottle of wine… and served it to my customers.

9. Did I mention that I got an invitation to go to the Inauguration of President Obama? Still pretty proud of that. I got one for President Reagan as well… my Social Studies teacher gave it to me back in 1980.

10. I owned a coffee shop back in 1996. I can tell good coffee from crap. Seriously.

11. I had a job as a donut baker in 1987. 22 years later I still can’t eat donuts.

12. I had a job as a pizza chef in 1986. It’s been one of my favorite foods ever since. I still “flip pies” on special occasions.

13. I have the gift of Prophecy, but not of Interpretation. I see visions of the future and get the meaning wrong just about every time. But the visions are always exactly right.

14. I’m the son of two Doctorates. Taking the last 3 credits to finish my B.A. would have been a really nice thing to do for them. It was a 100-level speech class. Now I’m a professional speaker. Go figure.

15. I took piano lessons for 4 years as a kid. I can still play pretty well.

16. I’m an ordained minister, and have performed 4 weddings.

17. I once read 23 books in a month.

18. Disc Golf and Ultimate Disc are two of my favorite sports to participate in.

19. My wife gave birth to a baby that wasn’t mine… or hers.

20. My son is named after the nickname of a friend. Is he still his namesake?

21. The longest job I ever held was also the last job I ever had: a newspaper production manager. I loved that job!

22. One of my passions is Bricolage. And I’m not talking about the software…

23. I scored in the top 1% of the country in Math; but I went into advertising in college.

24. I really hate phone calls – making or getting them. I sometimes don’t listen to messages for months. Thank goodness I have a wife! And for some reason, Skype doesn’t count.

25. I really like accents. I can generally tell what country you’re from, or what state you grew up in.

Whew. 25 was a lot for some reason…

Nathan Anderson


December 12 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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About Mass Control Monthly

I generally don’t pay for Internet Marketing products.

It’s no secret that in the IM world, if you are “known” and have a list of subscribers, you get most products in the space for free. Other marketers want you to promote their stuff, so they send you an eval copy in hopes that you do so.

But I do pay for one. It’s that good. It’s Frank Kern’s Mass Control Monthly.

Most IM products don’t have a lot to offer me, as I’ve been in the biz for quite some time. I find most products to be rehashed information with perhaps a new twist. Once in a while I pick up a really great new gem from someone, but it’s usually in person; not from their products.

So when I say something is worth paying $296.99 per month for, I mean it!

Frank has something that I just can’t quantify properly… I couldn’t decide if his success is just pure charisma or if he has a replicable system that inspires to such a level of rabid following that he commands.

He’s done a good job of showing his subscribers just how he does it. (PLUS he has a lot of genuine charisma)

But this month he scored a ‘miss’ with me.

He sent out another marketer’s product along with the normal monthly DVD and newsletter.

At this point, some readers will claim I’m just being a whiner or unappreciative of such a fine gift… but hear me out on this.

My most precious asset is time.

When someone like Frank sends out an email promoting someone else’s IM product, I have the opportunity to evaluate his comments, read the sales letter, and decide if the product is right for me. 99 times out of 100, the product is not worth the time it would take for me to go through it all to glean the one or two little nuggets that would constitute something new to me.

But this was different. Here the big package of DVD’s and CD’s sits. Frank is a mentor to me. I really feel like I can learn from him. Is he saying that I should go through this whole program? Is my teacher telling me to use my precious time on this?

Somehow… I don’t think so. I get the feeling that the other marketer saw an opportunity to get their stuff out in front of Frank’s people, and thus offered to give it away to them for free. Frank thought “Kewl. I can give my members more value without having to pay for it myself.” Win-Win, right?

But when I opened the package my immediate response was “Please Frank, don’t waste my time.”

And I say all this without viewing or evaluating either the Mass Control DVD or the other IM product. I know the other marketers pretty well, and I’m sure their stuff is really great. But did Frank go through it and evaluate it… and come to the conclusion that his subscribers should spend their valuable time on it?

Subscribers paying nearly $300 a month, by definition, should be of an unusual level of experience, knowledge, and success. Should they be consuming this product at this point?

The takeaway for my readers is: Pay close attention to exactly who your audience is. If they’re paying customers, treat them like absolute gold. Be very, very considerate of their time, attention, and money. Trust is an asset that takes fortunes to earn, but can disappear in a flash.


December 11 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Finally, Affiliate University Opening

As I stated in a previous post, I’m involved with a new company called The Elevision Network.

The Affiliate arm of this company is called the Affiliate University.

It’s a complete internet marketing training program, focused on affiliate marketing. I’ve contributed a small part of the training in the U… the part involving search engines.

What is there is truly some of the best training for a remarkably small price – $97 for lifetime membership.

I’d love to explain in further detail here on my blog, but really, the best place to read about it is on the sales page at

Check it out, and give me a shout out in the forum there. It’s a place where I’ll be hanging out on a daily basis.

Nathan Anderson


November 26 th , 2008


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Turgooducochiqua – The New Thanksgiving Tradition

Whether you spell it turgooducochiqua or turgooduccochiqua, it’s pronounced the same… and I can’t. ;)

It’s the latest trend… just check Google!

Here’s what it is: Stuff a Quail inside a Cornish Hen, stuffed inside a Duck inside a Chicken, and stuff all that inside a Turkey that’s stuffed inside a Goose. Oh, and don’t forget to layer bacon between.

I’m out here on the Eastern plains of Colorado with my inlaws for Thanksgiving, and I’m thinking of trying it! Problem is, we don’t have all the elements available… so I’m going to have to improvise. We certainly have turkey and chicken and bacon. But no cornish hen or duck… Plenty of quail and pheasant though! So I’ll leave out the game hen and substitute a pheasant for that duck.

So my version is: Turgoophechiqua!

Think we can deep fry all that in peanut oil?


November 21 st , 2008

Internet Marketing

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The Elevision Network

A few people have commented that my posts have been rather sparse lately…

I’ve been pretty busy, to say the least!

I’ve been brought on to a new company to head up their Search Marketing department as Senior Vice President. It’s not 100% of my time… I still run my other web businesses… but it certainly has been occupying!

The company is called The Elevision Network.

Suffice is to say, it’s a whole new step forward in online content delivery. For a monthly membership, users will be able to access thousands of hours of premium content from hundreds of the top speakers in the world.

Their tagline is “TV That Takes You To A Higher Level”. That mission dictates that they will be providing only uplifting, positive content that will help you achieve new levels of knowledge and success. It’s not just success and motivation, it’s topics ranging from Marketing to Women’s Issues to Health and Wellness.

I predict it will have a very positive effect on the world.

If you’d like to know more about it, click through to the About Us page on the Elevision Network.

Nathan Anderson


November 5 th , 2008



Great Presidents Are Great Speakers

Twenty-one months ago, I predicted right here on this blog that Barack Obama would be the first black President of the United States. Fact is, I predicted it after seeing him speak at the 2004 DNC… ;)

I’ve fielded a whole mess of questions about how I, as a Libertarian, could possibly support a Liberal.

Looking at what the President is, and can do, is really where I make such a decision. The President has the power to DO a lot of things… like command our military to do just about anything. He has the power to stop Congress through veto. He can propose a national budget. But if you look at this list, you can see that he has the power to do a lot of very NEGATIVE things. So this office is very vulnerable to abuse.

When it comes to the POSITIVE things a president can do, it really comes down to one thing: motivate and lead the people through the power of speech.

So when considering a candidate for president, you can base your decision on the negative, or the positive. I, for one, choose not to make any decisions based on fear. So I feel that I have to make my decision based on the positive. I need to make a decision in the hope that the person that holds the office can use it for good. And since that power for good is largely based on that person’s power to motivate and lead through the power of the spoken word… there really is only one option.

Did John F. Kennedy propose sweeping legislation that changed this country? Of course not. The President doesn’t have that power. He stood and LEAD this country… he motivated this country to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade; and the country responded with unprecedented fervor toward the task. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” is remembered over 40 years after the words were spoken. Those words are forever etched in the minds of those that truly heard them.

It is obvious looking back over the last 8 years that this country desperately needed this sort of leadership. If you completely remove the actions and decisions this president made and consider only his leadership through the spoken word, the results are stunning. Had he been able to truly lead in this way, we might have seen a completely different country… a different world, even. We may have seen a country that was 100% behind the actions he took instead of 30%. A more confident stock market and banking system. A stronger Dollar.

People foolishly dismiss the importance of this aspect of the Presidency. He is the leader of the Free World. His most important attribute to this end is his command of the spoken word.

Barack Obama is positioned to be the most potent motivator for good in this generation. Whether you agree with his politics or not, you cannot argue that he has this potential. THAT is why I supported him in this election.

We’ve seen the results of a president with the lack of this ability… Let’s focus on the good that can come from a president that has this ability in such amazing quantity.


October 17 th , 2008


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Coining a Term: Heek

Sometimes I surprise people.

After all, I’m a pretty technical person. I work on the Internet. In fact, I’m an expert in a pretty technical area of the Internet – Search Engine Optimization. Even within that genre, I count myself in a very technical corner of SEO: Statistical Analysis of Search Results.

So when I tell people about my latest hunting trip, or mention that I have to go feed the chickens, I get some pretty funny looks!

I’m a strange, but more and more common combination of stereotypes: A geek AND a hick.

After all, the Internet is making it possible for people to work and live pretty much wherever they like. So people that enjoy Country life are being allowed to live there and still make a living.

I’m a Heek.

I put up a blog where I can post stuff about it at

The latest post is about my recent hunting trip. It’s a doosey.

Are you a Heek?

Stop by the blog and leave a comment…


September 23 rd , 2008


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Join me in Atlanta for the Internet Success System

Mark Hendricks graciously invited me to be the VIP Guest Speaker at his next ISS Seminar in Atlanta.

You should attend!

It’s October 23-26.

If you aren’t already familiar with Mark, he’s been making money online since the days when the Internet was a series of Pony Express riders. His seminars are VERY different than your usual IM gig. The entire weekend is training and education, with no pitches for any external systems or products.

He holds workshops and group sessions… it’s not your average pitchfest.

One of the best features is the education leading up to the event. You’ll be well under way long before you show up in Atlanta.

In any case, show up there so we can share a cigar and perhaps a meal. I’d love to meet you in person and get to know you a little better!

Here’s the link:

Mark Hendricks’ Internet Success Seminar



September 8 th , 2008

Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization Tactics 3 is ready to roll…

It took me a WHOLE lot longer than expected, but SEO Tactics 3 is ready to go.

SEO Tactics 3

I expected to just update my now 7-year old SEO ebook, but there was just TOO MUCH to change! So I pretty much re-wrote the whole thing.

In it you’ll find information on SEO by the numbers, Social Media and SEO, common problems, and some advanced ways of getting backlinks that just about no one reveals.

It’s a fast read, but you’d be better off if you read the whole thing a few times over. It’s extremely concise and full of tactics you can use to get more natural search engine traffic to your sites TODAY.

Did I mention that this is a Free SEO book?

Have at it!

Nathan Anderson