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August 29 th , 2008

Search Engine Optimization


Stomping the Search Engines 2 (STSE 2.0) Review – An Honest One

Stompernet has sent out “review copies” of Stomping the Search Engines 2.0 to strategic partners… more accurately, affiliates. I happen to be on that list. Even though I’ve never promoted anything the Stomper Boys have sold (Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins), they were kind enough to send me a review copy of STSE 2.0.

In fact, they sent me two!

I’m going to be a spoiler for you…

It’s not the best thing since sliced bread.

You won’t automatically have top search engine rankings and millions of visitors after reading it.

But it is a very complete instruction on the ins and outs of SEO.

There are a few technical inaccuracies in it… but that’s splitting hairs between top SEO minds. I could go into a diatribe about some of the statements they make in the course… and prove here on this blog that I’m right with examples and statistical data to prove my point. But that won’t help anyone. The fact is, the stuff they’re wrong about really doesn’t matter. If you follow their instructions, you’ll get great results.

I really only have one problem with STSE 2.0… it’s presented in a format that is really hard for me to consume. And if you’re a seasoned SEO enthusiast, I think you’ll find similar.

It’s presented in a video format similar to a powerpoint with the instructor talking over the top. It’s not a bad format for learning… similar to going to a seminar and hearing from a speaker. But for guys like me that read REALLY fast, it’s like pulling teeth!

I can see how it will be VERY effective in instructing those that aren’t SEO veterans, though. Lay it all out with audio, video and text to take advantage of different learning modes. Those with only a passing familiarity with SEO should find it compelling.

If you decide to take the Stompernet Boys up on this offer, be warned… You’re about to be exposed to one of the finest marketing machines on the Net. They give extreme value, and and ask a premium for it.

Here’s a link to the special deal for STSE: Stomping the Search Engines 2

For the rest of us… those that are more familiar with the topic, or that can consume material through the written word quite easily… I’d recommend my ebook SEO Tactics. Version 3 was recently published, and it’s completely FREE.

Nathan Anderson


August 18 th , 2008


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Interesting Video on Building Furniture

Okay, so I’m thinking that next time we re-do a room in this house, we’ll do it using custom made furniture. Normally, I’d say that’s a luxurious waste of money, but it turns out that prices are pretty similar to non-custom high-quality furniture.

Here’s a neat video of the manufacturer in action:

Look like something you’d like as well? You can see this company’s custom made furniture thusly.


August 6 th , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Are you using Twitter?

If you are, you can ‘follow’ me at

If you like Facebook, you can find me there at

Even though these social media are primarily for just ‘hanging out’ and talking about your favorite topics, they can be VERY powerful marketing tools as well.

Now, I must caution you, you can’t just sign up and start sending people marketing messages. No one will tolerate it. And before long, you’ll just be talking to yourself in a virtual corner. But there are some really creative ways to use these media to get to know people, have them get to know you, and in the end do some business together.

So my suggestion for you today is to sign up for these services and give them a whirl. Get to know people and give them an opportunity to know and trust you.

And if you’d like to use these tools to maximize your marketing in the process, use the training my pal Rick Butts put together over at TwitterSqueeze. It’s worth 10 times the price he’s charging!

Nathan Anderson


July 30 th , 2008



Keeping it Positive

We all have negative crap in our past.

It’s just part of being human… making mistakes and not thinking before acting.

I’ve had some negative stuff come gurgling back up from my past in the last couple of days, and I was feeling kind of down about it. This is my notice to the world that I’m not letting bygones get in my way. I’ve forgiven those involved.

Did you know that’s what forgiveness is for?

It’s not for the person you forgive, it’s for YOU. Holding on to negativity is just terrible for your mental and physical health. By forgiving those that trespass against you, you’re giving up that negativity. Let it go, or give it to God. Moving forward is a lot easier without a bunch of baggage.

Who have you failed to forgive?

It can, and usually is, someone that personally wronged you. But it can also be someone that you’ve never even met.

For example, I know someone that stews with hatred toward our current President and his actions over the last 8 years. Every day, nearly every hour, comments pour forth from them about their anger. That person desperately needs to forgive him. The President doesn’t need it. The person that forgives is the one that needs it.

Who can you forgive today?

Nathan Anderson


July 16 th , 2008

Internet Marketing


What have you finished today? – IMADD Revealed

Like many entrepreneurs, I suffer from IMADD. That’s Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder. This leads to a lot of projects being juggled all the time.

Want to know what makes me successful, in spite of this disorder?

I use a couple of simple organizational tools.

All of my projects are on a whiteboard on the wall above my desk. If it’s not on the whiteboard, it’s not a real project. Next to each project is a little bit of text that describes what’s next for that project. For example, “Waiting for articles from writers”. This shows what needs to be done next for that project to move forward.

Trust me, this is really easy to stay on top of, unlike a lot of other organizational systems. When you take action on a project to move it forward, you get to change that status text to what’s next for the project. It’s like a small reward for taking action.

But what’s REALLY satisfying is when you can change that status text to “complete”, or “ready to promote”. That’s a great place for you to be. The more complete projects you have, the more opportunities for earning.

What have you finished lately?

I’ve found that it can do wonders for your business to take a day once in a while to complete things. Pick a project on your list and dedicate the day to driving it forward to completion. Singlemindedness has a way of getting things done like nothing else.

So my tip for today – Finish something!

Nathan Anderson


June 25 th , 2008

Internet Marketing


Open Forums and Social Media Can Be Very, Very Dangerous

Several years ago, my good friend Kirt Christensen sent out an email to his list describing the problems with open forums. I believe it was titled “Why Free Forums Suck” or some similar. It was a shocking email in a lot of circles.

The internet has changed a lot since then, but the principles he outlined haven’t. There are more ways to interact for free online now, but they’re just as dangerous.

Be completely honest with yourself… How much time per day do you spend reading and posting in free forums? How much time do you spend on Social Media? How much time do you spend reading emails and newsletters from ‘experts’? More importantly, WHO do you listen to in these places?

These media have varying dangers depending on where you are on the success curve. If you are just starting out, and really aren’t making much online yet, treat social media and free forums with a gigantic ‘red flag’. You are dealing with the unfiltered noise of the Internet. Some of the noise is truly useful information from people that have great success in their online ventures; but 98% of it is unmitigated crap. If you’re using open forums and other free media to just learn the ‘lingo’ of this marketplace, then fine. But that’s very hard to do without picking up, and believing, some really damaging advice.

If you are going to base any part of your business on advice from someone, you’d better make sure the source is credible, and the advice is well-tested. There’s nothing worse for your business than spending time and/or money on actions that lead nowhere.

For those of you that have some experience and income started in online marketing, the pitfalls are just as great. But even though you have some knowledge and experience with which to filter out some of the junk in the open media, you have more at risk as well.

For seasoned marketers, there are far more benefits available in the open media. You can use these communication avenues to get your message distributed, and acquire new prospects. Just make sure to weigh the ROI with 100% value applied to YOUR TIME. For example, I probably spend 10 minutes a day on FaceBook and Twitter. I only follow people I know or have interest in, and I only read communications that are fairly non-promotional in nature. And I don’t spend more than an hour a month in all the open forums combined.

Pick the people you listen to VERY carefully. If they haven’t made 7 figures online (either for themselves or the businesses they run), you really shouldn’t give much credence to their advice.

Not only that, but you should be careful on WHAT advice to listen to from WHOM. Taking myself again as an example, I have great experience and success in SEO. My clients and I hold numerous top-10 positions on very lucrative keyphrases. I also have great experience in running online membership sites. I’ve run several highly successful sites. Should you be following my example in the area of List Building? Probably not.

Also, you should seek out mentors that have seen both ups AND downs in their businesses. Mentors that have “failed their way to success” have far more insight into pitfalls in their areas of expertise.  (and I give that advice from unfortunately VAST experience!)

My advice is to pay.

In running several really great private membership sites, I can definitively say that the quality of information “behind closed doors” is leaps and bounds ahead in quality and usefulness. The quality of members rises in direct proportion to the cost of entry, as well. For example, the quality of people in a $7 a month forum compared with those in a $500 a month forum is extremely different. But the GREATEST difference is to be found in the people in a free forum compared with those in one that is paid, even at only $7 a month.

So find a mentor that runs a membership site or forum that is paid. Your business deserves it.

Time spent with the “unwashed masses” is largely wasted, if not downright damaging. An example Kirt gave in that email years ago was posters in open forums that had thousands of posts, yet hadn’t put up one successful website. They still exist.

For myself, I can say that the members of SEO Club, paying $97 a month, are some of the best quality folks I know of in Internet Marketing.

SEO Club

Nathan Anderson


June 18 th , 2008



What is a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian… in Plain English?

Time to get Political again.

And it has to do with Religion, too. So strap in and prepare for some honesty.

I just recollected my day, and realized I’d spend a good amount of time explaining my beliefs today. My beliefs both political and religious. So I thought that perhaps I should write them down for easier dissemination.

I’m a Constitutional Libertarian, and a Christian. I believe those go together seamlessly. If you’re curious about it, and want to know clear definitions of both, as well as what a Democrat is, and a Republican is, in plain English… read on. (Man, was that a run-on sentence or WHAT!?)

In one conversation today, several very nice examples came forward. Criminalization of drugs, helping the poor, and legislation of Morality.

Here we go.

Republicans are social conservatives, as well as fiscal conservatives (at least this was true up until 2000). They believe that laws and government are a bad thing, unless we’re considering Morals. “Keep your hands out of my pocket and business… unless it involves doing something I think is morally wrong.” So taxes and government are bad. But we need to protect our kids from drugs and open gay-ness. In my view, a total copout for lazy parents.

Democrats are social liberals, as well as fiscal liberals. So they believe that government can cure all sorts of societal ills. We can have government take care of the poor, and protect the masses from the moral strictures of one religion or another. “Everyone should be free to do what they want. That freedom comes with a price – taxes. We need to protect everyone’s rights to the point of paying for everyone to excersize those rights.” An extreme would be government funding of abortion.

Libertarians are social liberals, but fiscal conservatives. My simplistic explanation is, “People should be free to do whatever they like, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else… and as long as I don’t have to pay for it!” Government is an unfortunately necessary evil, and should be limited to its absolute minimum. After all, it is intrinsically inefficient in getting anything done, and highly susceptible to corruption and unfair influence. Separation of church and state is obvious. Government shouldn’t have time for such silliness.

Democrats like to think “We care for the poor and disenfranchised.” But the fact is, they really DON’T like caring for them… they would rather have the government do that for them. They can just pay their taxes and feel good about themselves. They can ignore the fact that the government takes three times the cash to do the job as a good charity or church… after all, they don’t want to “judge” anyone in the process.

Don’t think Republicans are off the hook on this one. They like to deal with societal problems by… not doing anything about them. Unfortunate circumstances are merely a motivation for people to “pick themselves up by their bootstraps”; or worse – Social Darwinism dictates that these people need to be allowed to be culled from society. If they want help, they can seek it in the Church.

Libertarians would prefer to handle these kinds of problems themselves. Don’t take away my disposable income in the form of taxes to help the poor… I can get thrice the bang for my buck myself! We should be actively contributing to local charities and churches, both financially and with our labors. Taking all that away and relegating it to a government agency steals me of my personal satisfaction of participating in the effort myself.

So what about this same-sex marriage thing? Didn’t I just say I was a Christian?

I see one very prominent theme in the Bible. It’s the basis for everything! God gave us Free Will. It is how we deal with this freedom that forges our character. It is how we make decisions within that freedom that brings us closer to, or more distant from God. If we design a society that legislates that freedom away from everyone, we’ve taken that God-given free will away. Isn’t that a direct violation of what God set up for us?

So making same-sex marriage illegal is outside the bounds of government. So is making mind-altering substances illegal. Take the temptations away… and free will is not in effect. I, personally, draw the line at abortion. That falls under the “do what you like as long as you don’t hurt someone else” statement. Killing an unborn child… is hurting them in the extreme.

When presenting government in this sort of “plain English”, I’m not surprised to find most young people classifying themselves as Libertarian. It is just plain logic. The Constitution really is the only needed law of the land. The framers of it were primarily Christian, and wanted to protect their freedom to practice their religious beliefs from outside intervention. They spent an ENORMOUS amount of time and debate in creating it, and making it timeless. They made it terribly difficult to modify – as any modification would inevitably involve a whole lot of private interest and undue influence. It should only be changed if just about everyone agrees to the changes.

So everything that’s been tacked on to that very simple codification of Law should be repealed.

Let freedom ring!

Nathan Anderson


June 9 th , 2008

Internet Marketing


Vote 10 for Big Jason in the Top Affiliate Challenge

Just a quick update…

My friend Jason Henderson is going all-out in the Top Affiliate Challenge.

Do me a favor and click that link, and vote him a “10″.


(plus, the video is pretty kewl!)



June 2 nd , 2008

Internet Marketing

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Personal Coaching Starts This Week

I’ve had a few questions about the personal coaching I’m
offering. We’re going to begin sessions this week.

The first question: Will you take payments on the $1997?

Yes. You can split that into four monthly payments of $499.

The second question: What exactly will be covered in the

I suppose greater detail is warranted. The first step
will be to examine each person’s situation individually.
Some people will want to start a new web business from the
ground up. Some already have businesses online and need
help getting them to massive success. I’ll interview each
coaching client individually and determine the best course
of action for each person.

From there, we’ll go over keyword research and getting the
web business firmly on target for the most profitable
traffic from the most profitable sources. The most
important step of any web business is determining exactly
what this website is targeting! That is our first step.
I’ll show you my sources for free and accurate keyword

If we’re starting a new site, we’ll explore the entire
domain name market to find the best domain for you. We
most likely will be able to get a domain with hundreds
of existing backlinks for less than $100 (oftentimes for
just the $8 registration fee).

Next, we’ll determine our goals for conversion. Do we want
to build a list that we sell to later? Do we want visitors
to make a purchase on their first visit to the site? Each
individual niche has nuances that determine the best course
of action.

After we know the type of sales system (2-step, direct sale,
etc.), we’ll build the process. Each student will perform
the work themselves, but I’ll be there every step of the
way. We’ll set up autoresponders and email opt-in forms,
build sales pages, create products and promotional materials,
everything that your business needs.

Next we’ll cover copywriting and testing. I’ll install
Split Test Accelerator on your site and show you how to
run tests and evaluate changes. We’ll get your sales page
converting at top rates. This one install of STA will be
through my license; but each student will be able to buy
their own license at a discount if they want more installs
than just this one.

From there we’ll cover search engine traffic – both Pay Per Click
and Search Engine Optimization. PPC is great for getting
maximum testing done quickly. It also helps us determine
which keywords are most profitable for us, and thus tells
us which to target with SEO.

Next we’ll dive into link building and Web 2.0. We’ll explore
the most profitable scenarios for building high-quality
traffic to your site. Using YouTube videos, Digg, Stumble,
Technoriati… the whole gamut. We’ll also explore Press
Releases and determine if they will be profitable for your
particular business model.

I believe this coaching will be the most comprehensive training
that has ever been offered on building web businesses.

The reason I’ve timed this coaching session to take six
months is simply the fact that it will take six months to
go through this entire process and see full results. Truly
successful web businesses aren’t built in a day… or even
a week.

Last question for me to answer:

How many spots are left?

Answer: Two.

Email me at nathan at seoclub dot com to grab yours.

Nathan Anderson


May 30 th , 2008



New Contest – Who’s Your Friend?

As you may or may not know, I’ve been doing a little networking on Facebook lately. Part of that process is finding my friends and adding them. I only add people I really know, by the way. But anyone that asks to be my friend is added.

With one exception…

My brother started a little contest amongst some friends here locally. To see who could find the coolest famous persons on Facebook and get them to approve a friend request. The more unique or funny, the better. For example, I now have William Shatner and Harcourt Fenton Mudd; and also Cal Ripken Jr and Deepak Chopra.

So I’m opening up the contest to readers of my blog.

Get someone really unique, but still famous; and comment here on this post with your conquests!

There’s two categories: 1) The Real Deal and 2) Fakers. Both are valid; in fact there are some pretty funny fakers out there (I have Master Chief from Halo).

Don’t bother trying for Chuck Norris, either. He’s not on Facebook. :(

Let’s have fun!

Nathan Anderson